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We promote integrity, courtesy, positive, caring for others, the company's every corner is filled with joy, a home-like atmosphere full of love, is a dream come true and the realization of the ideal place. We know that the poor man’s one dollar is more important than a millionaire’s ten thousand dollar. We know that the old woman's profound mind whose life hard, but all property donated to scholarships. We know the meaning of pointer hit the beloved children. We know the meaning of sweat. The culture of TOP-CARBON&GRAPHITE is the employee's values; the core of this value is innovation. The unique culture system is created and gradually formed in the ten years of the development process.

TOP-CARBON&GRAPHITE culture to the concept of innovation as the forerunner, based on the strategic innovation, organization innovation as guarantee, technical innovation and the market innovation as the goal, with the TOP-CARBON&GRAPHITE from scratch, from small to big, from big to strong, from China to the world, the culture itself are in constant innovation, development. The staffs generally agree that active participation is the biggest cultural characteristics of TOP-CARBON&GRAPHITE. At present, our company is aim to a world famous brand in China, winning glory for the nation. The goal perfectly combines the company's development and employee's personal value pursuit. In the process of company achieve the objectives become a world famous brand; each employee will fully realize the value and the pursuit of personal. TOP-CARBON&GRAPHITE culture has been highly praised by domestic experts and the public opinion.

The spirit of enterprise

Business philosophy: Science creates miracle, green benefit society;
Development strategy: with the Giants, with the world;
Decision theory: system thinking, bold ideas, constantly trying, timely correction, continuous improvement;
Work concept: goals, plans, time schedule;
Business philosophy: to create a customer first, create profits second;
Motto: not afraid of doing something wrong but not do;
Talent philosophy: the more capability you have, the wider stage will be;
Marketing concept: brand management, the value of sales; no off-season market, only the off-season thinking.

The embodiment of the corporate culture

For customer: In China and worldwide continue to provide timely and high-quality products and services to continuously improve customer satisfaction.
For employees: every employee involved in and shares the success of the business.
For shareholders: constantly improve the enterprise's value.
For suppliers: with the suppliers the same as those and the company is committed to continuously improve quality and service, timely delivery and cost optimization to continuously improve customer satisfaction to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial partnership.
For society: to be a responsible community citizen.

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